Bigger and better!

We got another kitten…and we moved! June was an interesting and very, very busy month for us. We got Monty shortly before we had to move, so everything was a mess, both the living room and bedroom were filled with boxes and loose items, most of which we decided to donate…because there were just too much stuff we don’t need anymore.

We separated Sophie and Monty for about a week before we introduced them. Monty was scared at first but eventually got used to Sophie and vice versa…although Sophie was much calmer by nature I guess, since she didn’t hiss or growl as much as Monty did. It’s been a month now and look at them now! I was a little surprised because Monty was still being a punk just a day before I took this picture. =P

Monty, Monty, Monty…what are we going to do with him? So cute and adorable but hyper and bity at the same time. It hurts to cuddle with him when he is excited. I’m so glad Sophie and Monty have each other to play with, and I just hope Monty doesn’t outgrow Sophie…because he is so going to sit on her when he gets big, heh.


One Response to “Bigger and better!”

  1. Hi Sophie, remember me? I’m Stella! Now I has a new blog, It is called the daily ginger and I’ll feature you!

    You can also visit my blog:

    Hooray for gingers!

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